About Us

Our Mission

We believe every child can bridge their gaps and reach their unlimited potential. Guided by this conviction, our mission is to increase each child’s cognitive, academic and social skill potential, love of learning and self-esteem through individual personalized educational experiences using stimulating, engaging and differentiated instructional strategies based on the child’s learning style.

Our History

Dr. Chris Davidson, the founder of the Davidson Learning Center, has worked for over 25 years in school districts and universities in the Southern California area.

Dr. Davidson saw first-hand the need for Individual Intensive Intervention for the many vulnerable and underserved students facing barriers and educational disparities often inappropriately diagnosed and addressed. Today, she puts to work her drive, expertise, and dedication to students of all abilities and ages and their parents, too.

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Vivian, parent of a Davidson Learning Center student

Our Learning Model

At the Davidson Learning Center, our credentialed, ABA-trained teachers work one-on-one with students using our personalized, engaging curriculum and instructional materials.

Dr. Davidson conducts individual testing with every child. Based on the test results, Dr. Davidson and her teaching team develop motivating, personalized learning plans that embrace each child’s unique skills, learning style and growing talent.

Our teachers take the time to understand each child’s individual interests, strengths and needs to unlock their full potential in a safe, caring environment.

We expect success, inspire educational excellence, understand one size does not fit all, and we demystify children’s complex and unique needs. We use auditory processing and motivating educational programs that rewire the brain, so student learning can be corrected.

Who Attends?

Students come to the Davidson Learning Center for many different reasons and special needs. Most come because they're not thriving in their current placement. We will change that.

Parent giving testimonial
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Adrienne, proud parent to a Davidson Learning Center graduate

At the Davidson Learning Center, we specialize in working with students with the following special needs or diagnoses:

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