Truly customized learning plans

Based on your child’s test results, we develop a personalized curriculum and instruction using differentiated and multisensory methods aligned with Common Core State Standards, or CCSS.

Our Customized Individual Learning Plans deliver interventions and strategies through one-to-one lessons to help your child reach their goals faster. Each plan is tailored to their learning style, academic gaps and growing talent.

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We optimize your child’s unique skills and abilities to master standards at their own pace and move forward in their educational journey.

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Jean, proud mother of Jonathan, a Davidson Learning Center student

Instructional interventions

Instructional intervention can be a child receiving more intense support, such as small-group or one-on-one teaching. Concepts and standards taught at school are reinforced in fun, educational computer programs.

We develop integrated and diverse curriculum and instructional materials to based on your child’s needs. As your child masters concepts, we adjust the curriculum to meet their changing needs.

The Davidson Learning Center utilizes many instructional strategies to increase academic, language and social skills, such as:

Instructional strategies

The strategies in our Customized Individual Learning Plans are formalized, focused, flexible and fluid.

We give students the breakthrough needed to reach their optimal potential and become the student parents knew their child could be.

We alter the environment, curriculum format and use equipment based on how the individual student learns. Our Teachers stimulate creativity by helping students make stronger connections, understand relationships and grasp concepts in a more intuitive way.

Monitoring progress

Monitoring progress is critical to determine what is working, what needs to be changed and the effectiveness of instruction.

According to the National Center on Student Progress, progress monitoring has the following benefits:

  1. Students learn more quickly because they’re receiving more appropriate instruction.
  2. Teachers make more informed instructional decisions.
  3. Student performance and programs are documented.

At Davidson Learning Center, we collect and monitor student programs daily and administer standard benchmark assessments. Parents receive progress reports for reading, writing and math standards and can see first-hand their child’s growth.