Evidenced-Based Programs Offered at DLC

Individual Intensive Intervention– 1:1 tailored engaging and effective

instruction with credentialed teachers to bridge the learning gaps, gain

confidence and increase skills.

Lindamood Bell Visualization and Verbalization (V/V) for Listening and

Reading Comprehension. Seeing Stars for Decoding and Reading Fluency.

HearBuilder Auditory Memory and Phonological Skills-Auditory Memory,

Story Recall, Spoken Language, Reading Decoding.

The Processing Program-Follow Directions, Auditory/Visual Processing,

Memory, Vocabulary, Focus and Attention.

Fast ForWord– cognitive skills and the capacity to learn built on Brain

Plasticity relating listening, memory, attention, reading and language.

American Sign Language (ASL)– the basics which could lead to a career!

Social Skills– effective listening, eye contact, conversations, friendships,

perspective-taking, emotions of self and others, problem-solving.

Community-Based Instruction (CBI)– independent living skills in the

classroom and practiced in the community. Some classes across the street at

Golden West College.

Study Skills-study smarter, learn test-taking skills, organization, time


    Grade in School (grade entering in fall if summer)



    New Students: It is recommended Dr. Davidson conducts

    2-hour Testing with your child to determine present levels

    of performance, baseline data and develop a tailored

    Action Plan. 

    New Students: Send completed Application Form and

     Registration Fee via Zelle: Educational Testing and Assessment 7142311819

     at least two weeks prior to the first session.

    We look forward to working with your child and family.

    Please contact the office should you have any questions.

    Dr. Chris Davidson, Licensed Educational Psychologist

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

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