Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Davidson Learning Center mission?

We seek to understand the child, see them as an individual with an incredible capacity to learn and unlock potential. We expect success, inspire educational excellence, understand one size does not fit all, and demystify children’s complex and unique needs in a fun journey, one child at a time. 

We identify the child’s interests, motivations, and reinforcers, provide results-driven customized individual plans and instruction to change the brain and correct learning based on the child’s learning style.  We monitor daily work, remove obstacles and fill the learning gaps.  We restore a child’s self-esteem, peer relations and academic confidence.

We utilize real-life social skills training focused on perspective-taking, friendships, conversations, body language, emotions, inferences, play and problem-solving.

How long has the DLC been open?

For over 40 years, Dr. Chris Davidson has implemented Individual Intensive Intervention programs for all students with special needs. Dr. Davidson continually adds the best programs to meet the learning needs of the students at the Davidson Learning Center (DLC).

What are your teachers' qualifications?

Dr. Davidson and the dedicated staff have the passion, training and expertise to help students bridge their learning gaps. Our Teachers either possess a Teaching Credential or working toward their Teaching Credential and Master’s Degree.

All Teachers are trained in the programs used and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by Dr. Chris Davidson, Director and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Dr. Davidson monitors the work completed daily by all students and programs are added or changed according to the child’s progress.

Dr. Davidson taught and served as a Counselor, School Psychologist, Senior Psychologist, Director of Special Education and Assistant Superintendent- Human Resources all in the public school system. She also taught teachers and school administrators at many universities how to better serve students.

Dr. Davidson earned her Doctorate in Educational Management from the University of La Verne and is well-respected in the teaching, special education and parent communities.

How long before I see results?

Most students and parents begin to see changes within a few weeks. How long this process takes depends on the severity of the student’s needs and the intensity of the instruction. Students at our learning center typically make two to six years of growth in one year but again, this depends on the needs of the student and the intensity of the program they receive at our learning center.

What students do you work with?

We work with special needs students with Autism, Dyslexia, Learning Disabled, ADHD, Auditory and Visual Processing Disordered, Speech and Language Impaired including Nonverbal and Social Pragmatic Language needs, and students with Executive Functioning, Sensory Integration, Social and Study Skill deficits.

Do you work with students 1:1 and in small groups?

Data shows that students who learn in a one-to-one environment outperform those in group learning. Educational Psychologist Benjamin Blook published a study that demonstrated the average student who receives 1:1 instruction outperforms students in traditional group instruction by 98%.

When students are actively involved and exercising their brains, they are challenged and make lasting changes in their brains. We believe the key to unlocking the hidden and underdeveloped potential of every student is Individual Intensive Intervention, to make significant changes in the shortest amount of time.

We do provide fun and engaging interactive educational programs for parents to reinforce what their child has learned at our center. Our parents are our learning partners, critical to the learning process. When parents help their child complete purposeful quality homework, it reduces the overall cost to the family.

How do I get my child started?

The first step in our process is to complete and submit the “Want to Know More” intake form. Dr. Davidson contacts you within a few days to discuss your child’s unique needs and our services. You will be invited to take a tour of our learning center so you can see first-hand what we do and ask questions.

We already have a lot of testing. What is the purpose of Dr. Davidson’s testing?

Based on Dr. Davidson’s experience, when we review the previous recent testing done with the child, we don’t know how the child learns, what they are able to do and what learning gaps they have.

When Dr. Davidson conducts testing with the child, she accurately pinpoints the learning needs and challenges and matches the student with a teacher at our learning center.