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Dr. Chris Davidson

Founder, Davidson Learning Center

Dr. Chris Davidson is a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP), Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and Parent and Educational Consultant. Her approach is based upon a solid foundation in child development, educational assessment, expertise of learning differences, special-education laws and teamwork.

Dr. Davidson knows the educational system from first-hand experience serving in public schools and diagnosing students in her private practice. Over the years, it became clear individualized intensive instruction was needed for children and their families. Dr. Davidson was inspired to developed her own effective diagnostic and curriculum system.

Davidson Learning Center started with one child in Dr. Davidson’s home office. Now, DLC operates on a preschool-through-high-school campus, offering daily social skills training and speech and language intervention. Mainstreaming opportunities are also available for general education integration and peer interactions and modeling.

Dr. Davidson has dedicated her life studying how children learn, how to rewire the human brain, and to remediate memory, attention, learning, processing speed and abstract reasoning so children can experience breakthroughs and educational success.

Dr. Davidson has been involved in education and the public school system for more than 30 years as a teacher, counselor, school psychologist, senior psychologist, director of special education, and assistant superintendent for student services and human resources. Additionally, Dr. Davidson has served as a university lecturer and author.

Dr. Chris Davidson

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Our Teachers

Ms. Sharon

After a 30-year film career, I pursued my passion for education and achieved a Masters in the Art of Teaching from U.S.C. with a focus on differentiation, and evidence based, reflective teaching methods.

 At the Davidson Learning Center, we are dedicated to utilizing innovative lessons to promote inquiry, elicit vigorous exploration, and cultivate a culture of collaboration and compassion. We practice one-on-one teaching using tailored learning plans supported by rigorous assessments that continually guide us. 

I am so grateful to work at a place that honors each individual student for their inherent talent, skill, personality, and unique perspective. Our students gain confidence to take on new challenges, practice social skills with their trusted peers, and develop thinking skills in a way that deeply enriches their lives, as well as, their connections with others.  As teachers, we are supported and encouraged by Dr. Davidson and it is so rewarding to work with our amazing students!

Ms. June

My name is Miss June. I have been working at the Davidson Learning Center since 2017. I completed a Dual Credential Program with a Multiple Subject General Education and Mild/Moderate Special Education Credential.  I have a Masters Degree in Special Education and Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). I have served as an Elementary Classroom Teacher for over 25 years in the public school system. 

I love the unique opportunity at the DLC to watch our students grow.  Dr. Davidson understands the challenges facing today’s students and uses her expertise and many years of experience to develop customized curriculum for each student.  As a 1:1 Teacher, I have the pleasure of working closely with Parents and Dr. Davidson to address the learning gaps not addressed by other schools. 

I have witnessed and been a part of many success stories as our students transform from the first day they walk through the door.  Some students previously had negative experiences, suffer from anxiety and lack social skills and friendships.  

At the DLC, students love school and enjoy showing their Parents what they truly are capable of doing!

Ms. Christine

My name is Ms. Christine, and I am proud to be a part of the Davidson Learning Center (DLC). With over 10 years of experience as a Speech and Language Pathologist, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact personalized and tailored teaching can have on students’ success.

I completed my Masters Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I have provided Speech and Language Therapy services to students of all ages. This experience has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the unique needs and learning styles of diverse student populations.

What drew me to the DLC was its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences. Here, we prioritize individualized attention, creating a supportive and nurturing environment to unlock the potential within each student. 

Our team at the DLC has the privilege of delivering tailored teaching methods that cater to the specific needs of our students. By employing innovative strategies and utilizing the latest technology, we ensure that each student receives an education suited to their unique learning style and goals.

I am excited to be a part of an exceptional team that shares my dedication to empowering students and fostering their growth. Our team provides an extraordinary learning experience that goes beyond conventional teaching methods. With our strong emphasis on academic success and personal development, we strive to create lifelong learners who are confident and equipped to thrive in their future endeavors. 

Join us at the Davidson Learning Center, where we embrace each student’s potential, celebrate their achievements, and make a lasting impact on their educational journey.

Ms. Ivy

My name is Ms. Ivy and I have been a Special Education Teacher for the past seven (7) years.  I graduated from New York University with Dual Certification in Special Education and Childhood Education.

I am very proud to be part of the Davidson Learning Center where I witness immense growth in students every day!

Ms. Jenna

My name is Ms. Jenna and I absolutely love being part of the Davidson Learning Center (DLC) Team. I graduated from CSULB with Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on Language Development. 

I have taught the past 12 years in various grade levels and subjects. My position at the DLC has been the most effectual and rewarding as I am able to provide my students the attention and differentiated instruction to meet their unique learning goals and needs.  More importantly, the relationship and rapport I build with my students far exceeds what I have experienced in a traditional classroom.   

Dr. Davidson provides unwavering support to both me as a teacher, and our students and families- something that is truly special to experience. 

Ms. Alyssa

My name is Ms. Alyssa and I am completing my Mild/Moderate and Extensive Support Needs Special Education Teaching Credential at California State University- Long Beach. I have been working with students with diverse abilities for over 4 years and feel very privileged to work with such amazing and unique students! 

At the Davidson Learning Center, I am able to focus on the specific and individual needs of each student and adjust my instruction to meet the student’s unique learning style and needs. I love working with my students and seeing how quickly they progress in our one-on-one program.

Ms. Jody

My name is Ms. Jody. I have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Master’s Degree in Education. I have worked as a Teacher in public education for 25 years.

My teaching position at the Davidson Learning Center is so rewarding as it allows me to work one-on-one with students- the best way to help students progress and reach their individual goals. The Davidson Learning Center (DLC) includes daily activities for students to socialize with other students and learn various sports and sportsmanship. 

Dr. Davidson is supportive and knowledgeable.  Our students truly love their Teachers and enjoy coming to our learning center.

Ms. Lisa

My name is Ms. Lisa and I have a degree in Elementary Education, Middle School Math and Learning Behavior Specialist. I have been teaching for ten years.

The Davidson Learning Center has been one of my favorite places to work. Dr. Davidson utilizes the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) frameworks and tailors our instructional materials to help our students grow in academic, social, and emotional areas.

At the DLC, I create positive, long-lasting relationships with my students and families. Teamwork is what makes the students at the Davidson Learning Center so successful.