Adrienne J. [via Yelp]

My daughter and family LOVE the Davidson Learning Center! Dr. Davidson is the best at pinpointing needs and providing effective individual intensive intervention and social skills for students. Her evaluation of my child was the best and most thorough eval we have had and we have had many. She caught problems that no one else had noticed. She is very thorough and professional. Her staff is fantastic! My daughter progressed 6 years in her academic growth in a very short amount of time and received a high school diploma, which was denied in public school. She is much more confident, responsible and a self-sufficient learner. She was taught and uses sign language which opened up new career doors. I give the highest recommendation for Dr. Davidson and her learning center. I only wish all children were as fortunate as mine to attend the Davidson Learning Center and receive the tailored curriculum and instruction they need and the proper education they deserve. 5 STARS!

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