Gina W. [via Yelp]

We switched to the DLC because our son had slipped through the cracks in the school district’s program. Our son is moderate in the Autism world with a ton of potential that was not recognized, addressed, or serviced by the school district. Shortly after our son attended DLC, we recognized that our gut beliefs were true as our son’s potential was finally recognized. In about one year, our son went from not being able to take a test and not meeting his Kindergarten goals for three consecutive years in public school, to scoring at the mid-second-grade level on an independent assessment. He was now using sentences to tell us what he enjoyed about the places we took him. We entered into a Due Process Hearing with the district and won due to the district’s inability to provide a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE). We received reimbursement for our son’s 1:1 effective, intensive and documented successful program at the DLC. Dr. Davidson’s expert educational interventions, evidenced-based programs, dedicated teachers, whole-child and never-ending support gave our son the break-through he needed to reach his optimal potential and become the person we knew he could be.

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